Whether it’s pools, lakes or oceans, I love to Swim. Somehow, most likely thanks to my dad who taught me to swim, I got hooked on being in the water. As a 10-year-old, my swimming career took off in Södertörns Simsällskap. Despite some deviations to triathlon and Swimrun, it hasn’t ended yet.



Breaststroke has been my baby since early on: from 2004 to 2008, I claimed the Swedish Championship podium in 50, 100 and 200 breaststroke repeatedly and was a part of the Swedish Junior National Team during 2005, swimming European Junior Championships in Budapest among other competitions. My years as a part of the Södertörns SS elite group also offered some fantastic opportunities and unforgettable moments as a relay swimmer together with an amazing group of people of which many still are my best friends. Thanks to our incredible club and team spirit, we always were able to perform on a high level, breaking many records and earning uncountable gold medals.



The second part of my Swimming career started when I took off to the other side of the Atlantic to become a Cardinal student-athlete at University of Louisville. To this day, moving to the US is one of the best decisions I’ve done in my life. Being part of a Division I college team took my swimming, as well as my personal development, to a whole new level. Despite a rough freshman year getting used to the American lifestyle and the 20-hour-plus training week, I was able to improve my personal bests each year and finish of with a qualification to the Division I NCAA Championships my Senior year (2012). In college, 200 Breaststroke became my parade event, with 200 and 400 IM as close runner-ups.



Then what? I moved back to Sweden, thinking I was done with swimming. But it turns out that was easier said than done. Since I always ended on a good note, and still adored the element of water, I was soon back at it again – this time in a wetsuit. I tried out triathlon for a while, participating in the ITU Stockholm Triathlon and got into road biking doing Halvvättern with my dad and mom two years in a row. I also got a first taste of Swimrun participating in Ångaloppet 2014 with an old swimmer friend. This was fun, but the best part was always the swimming. I noticed when coaching, that even tough I enjoyed this profession I was longing to be in the water with my pupils rather that standing on the edge of the pool. Hence, I joined the elite group of SSS once again, and did a total swimming comeback in 2014/15 – resulting in a second place at 400 IM in the Swedish National Championships.



The best part of Swimming, and sports in general, is that you meet so many incredible people. My short Triathlon career put me in contact with the 6-am-ers at Eriksdalsbadet, and I come to admire long-distance sports and what the crazy sport of Swimrun was. Really, it all started with Par Kristoffersson asking me to do Utö Swimrun with him (to be mentioned, I was definitely a last resort on his list) one week before this then daunting challenge. The adventurer inside of me could of course not say no – so I was on the starting line with Pär, facing the longest race I had ever done! Since that day, Swimrun has become much more to me than a crazy-sounding sport. Now, I’ve participated in the World Championships ÖtillÖ four times, going on five.

Team Envol

Since 2018, I’m a Team Envol elite athlete: Envol is the first and biggest Swimrun club in the world., run and founded by the great Siwmrun athlete Nicolas Remires.

My main Envol Swimrun Partner is Desiree Andersson, which I won several OtillO competitions with last year. We also placed second in the World Championship and finally took home the 2018 World Series title.

WILD Swimrun

Together with my brilliant business partner and friend Maria Rohman (which I also competed and won Costa Brava Sprint 2018 with), we started WILD Swimrun. It’s a Women’s Swimrun brand, and with it, we want to get more women into the fantastic sport of Swimrun. Currently, the number of Women doing Swimrun is very low  compared to men. By providing women-only activities and communities, WILD Swimrun eases the treashold for women to try the sport. Although both Mia and I really love to train with mixed geneders, some women feel more comfortable doing sports with only other women. Moreover, it’s lots of fun hanging out with a big girl gang doing an amazing sport in nature! If you’re curious to know more about this or sign up for one of our activities, check out WILD Swimrun’s website.


2018,  I  entered an exciting collaboration with HEAD Swimming here in Barcelona and Internationally; I couldn’t me more proud to be powered by this authentic brand that share our passion for Swimrun. We always #SwimaHEAD.

Other sponsors via Team Envol are: Vivobarefoot, Precision Hydration, Gococo Sportswear, Clifbar, Contender AB, Agapi Boating and Uto Vardshus.



  • Swedish Junior National Team 2005
  • Swedish Junior Champion 50 Breaststroke 2005
  • Several medals Swedish Nationals: 50, 100, 200 breaststroke, 200, 400 IM, 200 Fly
  • 2-time Big East Conference Champion (team) 2009, 2012
  • NCAA Division I Qualifier 200 Breaststroke (2012)
  • Finalist USA Short Course Nationals (2008-2012)



  • Swimrun World Series Winner 2018 (Women, D. Andersson)
  • OtillO – Swimrun World Championships 3rd 2015, 4th 2016 (Mix, P. Kristoffersson), 2nd 2017 (Sarah Hansson), 2nd 2018 (D. Andersson)
  • OtillO Hvar 2018, 1st (D. Andersson)
  • OtillO Cannes 2018, 1st (D. Andersson)
  • OtillO Isles of Scilly 2018, 1st (D. Andersson)
  • Utö Swimrun: 1st 2015, 3rd 2016 (Mix, P. Kristoffersson/J. Axelsson), 4th 2017 (Sarah Hansson), 1st 2018 (D. Andersson)
  • Swimrun Costa Brava 2016, 1st, 2nd 2017 (Mix, P. Kristoffersson), 1st 2018 Sprint (M. Rohman)
  • Swimrun 1000Lakes 2016, 1st (Women’s, D. Sadik)
  • Swimrun Barcelona 2016 1st (Mix, P. Kristoffersson)
  • LED Loftahammar Endurance Day 2016, 1st (Mix, P. Kristoffersson)
  • Amfibiemannen 2016, 1st (Mix, P. Kristoffersson)
  • Swimrun Cap de Creus 2016: 1st Women (S. Hansson)
  • Stockholm Swimrun: 2nd 2015, 2016 (Mix/Women P. Kristoffersson/S. Moonan)



Photo: Andrea Ribera